185492_2106977188291_2065931_no phoneAbout me: I’m a college junior who loves books of all kinds, art, fashion and just interesting conversations. I’ve been a book nerd since before I knew how to read – making my own picture books out of crayons and construction paper – and that’s never eased up. I’m also really interested in the publishing world, because I’d like to hopefully get  a job in that industry some day. I am currently a student journalist, which I truly love, and I do freelance writing in my spare time.

About this blog: I’m hoping this will be a fun and thoughtful blog with a variety of posts. I want to be able to get into deep, interesting conversations and thoughts here, but I also think fun posts about lighter stuff is great to offset the heavy thoughts. I hope this blog will be a combination of these things – and I hope it becomes a place where people like to discuss ideas! Contact me if you’d like to start a good discussion, want to give book recommendations, or have any questions for me!

Find me on Twitter @KailaBraley!


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A blog about literature, art, fashion, and some related ramblings.

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